Del Davies

I started self-employment work in the construction industry, after experiencing problems with book-keepers and accountants, I decided to study business accounting for myself.

This soon became a passion and after a short period I found other workers that wanted assistance with their own tax affairs. So, I undertook formal studies in accountancy. First studying Business Accounting under the Association for Accounting Technicians (AAT) and later with Sage Computerised Accounting.

I now prepare and process business accounts for individuals and partnerships above and below the VAT threshold.

It was around this time (Mid 1980's) when I discovered that I had a flare for technical work and the internet had just sprung into action and was rapidly gaining momentum.

I started studying website design and coding. After building my own website I again found others (first of all friends) that also wanted a web presence.

I found that with an internet presence I could direct potential customers to a website where I could show off my work.

Whether you are starting up or just looking for a better deal, now is the time to give me a call.

My Mission

To help you to reach a higher place. Build the best product that creates the most value for my clients, using business to inspire and bring the results that you desire.

My Values

I strive to go above and beyond for my clients no matter the challenge. My aim is to deliver my very best work every single day across all of my services.