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The First part of our service plan is to assess any work that needs immediate attention.

Following any routine repairs we will thoroughly wash the solar panels making the panels more responsive to uv rays.

We use a solar armour coating that uses and incredible nano technology that protects and cleans the panels, this will increase their life expenctancy and prevent damage from the pv cells. This in turn will ensure that you continue to gain the maximum pv protection for your stystem.


Gassing is the process in which old refrigerant gas is removed from the air conditioning units and replaced with new refrigerant gas.

This is done to ensure that the units are performing at maximum efficiency and producing the coldest air possible.


Meshing is a protective stainless steel guarding that does not cover the panels but surrounds them therby forming a protective barrier to your roof.

This isn’t something that is visible from ground level, but it is used to discourage pigeons as well as other pest animals including squirrels and rats from landing and climbing on the solar structure.

Sam Scaffolding

Alongside all of our solar and renewable energy maintenance plans we are now offering roofing maintenance.

We can fix, repair, replace any concerns you may have with your roofing and then put your roof on a maintenance plan which will then include a 6 monthly inspection for your chosen length of 2 or 5 years to ensure that your roof is in tip top condition.

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