Sometimes this is enough to put you off starting your own business

It is the law that every year all businesses and self-employed people have to complete
The Tax Return

Every year, almost everybody that is in business or is self-employed has to fill in their tax return. There are about 10 pages that make up the tax return. Not all sections are relevant to all people or businesses.


Navigating your way through this maze of questions can be a bit daunting to even the the most experienced business people.




The Tax Return Page 1

HMRC will require accurate information about you and your business.

Your UTR (Unique Reference Number)
NINO (National Insurance Number)
Employer Reference Number

Plus more

The Tax Return Page 2

Page 2 requires you to tick one or some boxes to describe your self-employed status
i.e Are you self-employed and employed, are you in a partnership business, do you bring in income from property Plus more

The Tax Return Page 3

Interest and dividends from UK banks and building societies.
Did you receive taxed interest.
Did you receive untaxed interest.

And so it goes on, and on, and on

I can help you with your tax return.

 I have been filling in tax returns for self-employed people for over 30 years.