Is it Time to get your finances up to date ?

If you have been a bit absent minded in the past with regards to your accounts and things are just a little bit behind where they should be.

Don't Worry

We can contact HMRC for you, get you a bit of breathing space so that we can get things sorted. We can take the stress out of all that paperwork and bring you into the present stress free.

Self Assessment

Every self employed person earning over a certain amount of money each year has to submit an annual tax return.

A tax return is a form telling the government how much money was taken, how much of this was profit and how much was used in expenses just to run the business.

This will then determine how much tax has to be paid or if some has taken already been paid, then some or all of this tax money could be claimed back.

D M Davies Accounts & Book-keeping Services

Can use a wealth of knowledge and experience to achieve the best for you.

Keeping your tax bill down and your bank balance up.